Wideyedaze / Press

“Now fully complete, the band sets out to take their sound to higher and better places.”

“Featured on Total Deathcore”

“Their brand of Death Metal fuses the old-school with elements of slam and maybe a touch of Deathcore, maybe. Whatever you call it or label it it’s fuckin’ brutal fuckin’ Death Metal that is goin’ to rape your ears while swiftly shoving a boot right up your ass! Hear for yourself in the player below.”

“The song intro began with vocals like a mix of Rose Funeral and any guttural slamming BDM band, so it was pretty unique.”

“If anyone knows this site well, they outta' know damn well who Wideyedaze is. (if not either click the Bands to Know section or read a few of the previous posts) If you like them, your in luck. today we interviewed Sebastian Wheeler of Wideyedaze. We talked about an upcoming release, influences, rigs, how Wideyedaze came to be, and more. so move your eyes lower, towards the interview around... now!”

“Reader David Ziegler also has a blahg, this one called Metal in Ruins. His comp is called, appropriately enough, Metal in Ruins: Bands to Know Pt. 1, and I guess it really is bands to know, because there’s a massive amount of groups here I’ve never heard of before, like This is Not a Game of Who the Fuck are You (great name) and Wideyedaze (terrible name), in addition to some not-very-famous bands I actually have heard of, like Coathanger Abortion and Northless. But, again… free recommendations? Sure, why not?”