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“At this time of year most of us are accustomed to giving, even if we struggle a little and cut back on a few luxuries in order to make the Christmas season special for our loved ones. Yet due to the current ‘crisis’ many Spanish families find themselves in a predicament which is unbelievably shocking to those of us used to the UK Benefit System. With Spain’s poor social system, the only way for many local families to survive whilst they continue to battle against the failing economy is to hand their children into care albeit temporarily. When The Traveller Blues Band learnt of this awful situation, they decided to take action and raise money for the local children’s homes in Tenerife by donating their album sales and making collections at their gigs. “We felt we just had to do something to help these kids and their parents. It is it hard to believe that it’s the only option left for them,” said Whiskey, front man of the band.”

“The Tenerife Entertainment Awards are now well under way, this event is run by Oasis FM a local radio station on the island of Tenerife. Every year the event helps to raise money for a chosen charity, this year being the Marie Curie Cancer Care - http://www.mariecurie.org.uk/ The local band Traveller have been nominated for this event, and by voting for them you can help to raise money for this charity and also support the live music scene on the Island. Voting is easy simply Text Traveller to 0034 653 958 101 or you can visit the Oasis FM Facebook page and private message them Traveller Blues band for best band.”

Oasis FM - Tenerife Entertainment Awards Nominate Traveller Blues Band

“Bernie and the Blues Raise 2420 Euros for Cancer Research Bernie Singleton from Cancer research UK recently teamed up with the Traveller Blues Band and The Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar in Los Gigantes to hold the first Cancer Research Event in Tenerife. The event was held on Wednesday the 2nd of March to raise awareness for the world’s biggest epidemic and disease. The latest statistics now show one in three people will suffer from the disease in some way, and we are still no closer to finding a cure. Cancer Research UK are raising money everyday to help through people like Bernie. They save thousands of lives each year and now our tiny island of Tenerife has played a part to help the charity. ”

A. Blues - Canrian Weekly

“Traveller Blues Band did the honours and really made this place rock. There was standing room only inside. The crowd spilt down the steps and filled the street and the music Traveller play was just the ticket. Everyone’s feet were tapping and several ladies were dancing in the street, something quite unheard of in this tiny town which is more used to old gents sitting leaning over their walking sticks as old Canarians like to do. I was surprised at the large number of German customers who knew ALL the words to songs like ‘Dirty old Town’, ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and ‘What a Beautiful Day" and they in particular were keen to buy the bands new CD which was just released this week as well as the Traveller t-shirts. Although one little girl was upset they only do them in black and not Lady Gaga pink LOL.”

Zara - Tenerife Forum

“Traveller mix a few home penned songs with blues and rock classics, Whisky In The Jar, Red Red Wine and a slower deep south version of Sweet Child Of Mine all featured on this occasion. The band have a great love for classic rock and blues music and it shows in their delivery. Mr B provides the drum and percussion beat, Mad Dog weighs in with bass and vocal, Bluegrass is also on guitar but breaks off to use his harmonica to good effect on the Gerry and the Pacemakers favourite Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying. Whiskey put his Weissenborn lap steel slide guitar aside to take time out from his lead vocals to play the trumpet, it was all happening.”

“They do the odd cover but you would never know it as their style is so different - You will hear everything from Cat Stevens to Ralf McTell, from Muddy Waters to John Lee Hooker plus the Levellers and UB40. They are getting a name for themselves and well done them (as can be seen in News in the Sun) http://newsinthesun.com/?page_id=4193 and they play every Friday just a short distance outside Los Gigantes.”

“We have mentioned Traveller on Twitter a couple of times, if you do get a chance to see them they really are good, they now have an additional venue, starting 11th September at Route 66 in Puerto Santiago. They will also be covering when Bob and Jill are on holiday - think it might be 13-14 Sept. They are also confirmed for Los Gigantes Plaza on 26th Sept. Attached a list of their dates so far http://travellertenerife.com/#gigguide have a nosey around the rest of their website and you can get an idea of some of their stuff. I particularly like the Crossing Road (#6) which is one of their own and I am waiting for them to add Why - think it's because this sort of protest type music takes me back to my hippy youth - a touch of the Pete Seeger and Dylan lol Bet you have never heard Don't let the Sun catch you crying or No Woman no Cry like their versions, they also do a lot of upbeat numbers too. ”

Zara - Zara - Tenerife Forum

“Lead singer, Whiskey is responsible for most of the arrangements and is also one those who never played in public until recently. That would normally be seen as a weakness. But that inexperience means Whiskey, together with the rest of the lads, can break all the musical conventions they want and what a delight it is. Gerry and the Pacemakers “Don’t Let The sun Catch You Crying” will never be the same again. So no matter what your taste in music, go along and see these guys. They are entertaining, unpretentious and genuinely nice guys who will leave you with a smile on your face at the end of the evening. ”

“The latest craze to hit the Island is a new band called Traveller, they have a unique sound which cleverly mixes music and style creating an unforgettable energy I have not experienced before. I did not really know what to expect when I was asked to come and watch this band. I have heard a lot of hype about them, but thought it all would blow over. Blow over is exactly what the band did to me. In fact it ran redbull through my veins for the whole night. The sound was amazing, the fusion of instruments and style makes this very hard to categorize, but as Whisky lead guitarist from the Band said "Its Traveller Rock, its the only way we can explain it". When you see the band Traveller, they almost look like an American southern rock band. But they play everything from Red Red Wine to the Rolling Stones. All in their unique traveller style, the original material they also play makes your heart pound, and there is not a foot in the building that's not tapping. ”