Vile Child / Press

“Vile Child, Sin City's own Metal Thrashing Maaaaaaaad ass kickers, do what they do best with very little competition in town; Bringing it old-school "Big 4" style. It's a shame there's not more long hair windmilling and bodies slamming against eachother during their sets. If they don't hop on a tour with Exodus one day... I'm gonna be pissed.”

“Jim Morrison of The Doors supposedly once said “Hitler is alive and well, and living in Miami.” Well, I’m not comparing these guys to the fueher, but I’m here to tell you that metal is alive and well and living in LAS VEGAS!”

“Step Aside Slaughter – Here Comes Vile Child! In a town of glitz and glamour comes a raw thrash band ready to blow your minds!”

“One night. Two of the hottest bands in Vegas. Fans screaming and banging their heads from start to finish. Saturday night was a damn good time for everyone who showed up at the Underworld that night. Vile Child kicked off the night, and I am fast becoming a fan of these guys. The group claimed their drummer had been with them for a mere 2-3 weeks, but you wouldn't know better unless they had told you otherwise - every member of the band was in their prime! Even the so-called "slow song" the band played was harder and heavier than just about everything else I've heard as of late. For this headbanger, the highlight of Vile Child's set was a cover of the early Def Leppard classic, Wasted (thank god I'm not the only one that remembers Def Leppard's classic debut, On Through the Night!) Long story short, Vile Child is a group to keep an eye on.”

“On 11/11/11 VEGAS ROCKS! Took over the Bikini Bar for their first ever VEGAS ROCKS! Metal Night! Hosted by the one and only 1PHYCOTIC (who's birthday was also that night), and of course SALLY STEELE. They welcomed some of the top local bands to the stage. Kicking off the night was VILE CHILD. These guys know how to rock with their no-nosense grab you by the throat metal attack. If you are in to straight up metal with some killer clean vocals, this is your band.....”

Justin Koteff - Vegas Rocks Magazine. NIGHT AT THE BIKINI BAR