Vick Silva / Press

“Los Angeles based Chicano musician-producer Vick Silva offers 11 tracks of Aztec influenced Reggae on Roots Man Dance.the reggae for most part resembles the Jamaican variety with the exception of Lyrical themes that revolve around Aztec mythology and ancestral roots. Vick and his musicians deliver reggae tunes at a moderate tempo with easy beats and suave vocals. Roots Man Dance proves to be a sincere effort from a group of musicians dedicated to keeping reggae and Aztec roots alive. And for those folks, who prefer the traditional reggae with wailing saxophone solos, call and response vocals, organ, guitar and a strong reggae beat will find this recording enjoyable. ”

Cranky Crow - World Music Central

“Shaman records would like to dedicate The Combat Zone to all the fans who have been fortunate enough to experience Vick Silva n'The Boys in a live performance. To all the People who Love Blues, Love Reggae, Love Rock & Roll, and appreciate an Artist that can blend all three eithout compromise.”

Jay Barnet - Shaman Records

“After one listening to Vick Silva's Roots Man Dance, I was captivated by his acoustic/electric reggae, Full of the Cultural richness of Silva"s Chichimeca heritage, delivered with a cool shimmering pulse that seemed instantly familiar. His is an intriguing musical mixture, edifying Jah and beating down Babylon while also working the imagery and reasoning of his own backround.”

T. Orr - the Beat Magazine