Via Lotus / Press

“The band's new album "Secrets" blends Addessi's alluring soulful vocals with edgy distorted guitars”

Dan Kane - The Repository

“Addessi’s strong, clear voice has a timeless soul sound that infuses energy and an edge into the songs, like if Corinne Bailey Rae took some lessons from Amy Winehouse.”

“Via Lotus sounds like someone took a ’90s rock band and plopped them down in a Motown-style recording studio.”

“In some cases, secrets are just too good to be kept — especially when the secret refers to Via Lotus’s excellent debut album, “Secrets"”

“Guitarist/producer JCK (known for his other band Maid Myriad) deftly works dynamics, spreading acoustic and textural guitar parts and some interesting arrangements on mellow tunes such as the sparse Hey, Wait, the pulsing Ambivalence. and the ambient, ethereal Lonely Days.”