Vec7or Se7 / Press

“D.O.M.E turns your ears into eyes and makes you see music as well as hear it. Music that paints the back of your mind with vivid audio adventures”

Colin Deapra - Distrupter

“Great groovy soundscapes to look out of the eleventh floor window to. Love the battle for two worlds. Music you can see.”

The Electric Era - The Electric Era

“An Amazing Talent this side of the planet.”

Josh Rimstone - Wire Tap

“Signals that pierce your minds eye and produce authentic emotions.”

Ken Brathwright - SeeMee Portal

“D.O.M.E not only has inspired me,but is a Musical Movement that is a unstopable and a need force that feeds positivity in all that it touches. His sound can not be touched. Much Love brotha D.O.M.E”

The 5th man Down - The 5th man Down

“This Man is a Musical Guru, Hes on that next level cloud 9 dimension”

R.B Frantik - The Musical Gripper