V.I.P (Virgin Island Poetz) / Press

"This is exactly what is missing in music right now. The Revenge of the Nerdz mixtape was only the beginning, Miami is waiting on edge for more V.I.P. music."

Dianne D. - SESAC

"Finally music is back! Virgin Island Poetz are fresh, original and versatile without being too mainstream. A perfect blend of hip-hop and island rhythms, this crew will take the music world by storm."

MIA Magazine

“It must be the hottest day of summer, I’m here on the campus of Broward College trying to find the coolest spot outdoor to chat with the flyest poets of V.I.P (Virgin Island Poets) Fareed and Lively, to discuss the debut of their upcoming mix tape “Revenge of the Nerds”, which compiles some of the best original product I’ve ever heard from an up and coming artist/s. These two guys have the brains, a unique swag and the music to make u rock!!!! Not only are these guys talented but they are also educated, that means the will be creating and delivering the nutritious ‘bizniz’. ”