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"Both of the siblings can play more than one instrument, bringing their various talents to create a dynamic, powerful sound. Listen to a song like "Ricochet Blues" or "Change the World" and you will be knocked back by punishing percussion, fuzzed out guitar riffs and passionate vocals".

“These hard rocking teens want to save the world. But first Astoria siblings Misia and Dante Vessio must conquer it through their powerful tunes about childhood poverty and hunger. "We want to make positive changes", said Dante, 15, who plans to raise money for various charities through concerts with his sister. Lyrics to their signature song "Change The World" reflect their ambitious plans. "Change the world, stop the wars, feed the poor, knock down the door," the pair of young rockers sing. The scholars juggled high school homework with gigs at Astoria bars where they were discovered by music producer Carmine Gonzalez last year. "They were unbelievable. This new generation of musicians has too many kids who don't study the craft," he added. "Dante and Misia do their research. They know their craft."”

"Seventeen year old Misia Vessio and her brother 14 year old Dante want to change the world. The sibling duo, both scholarship students at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Teen Jazz Program know exactly how they want to do it too - they will travel worldwide performing benefit concerts as family band VESSIO. The duo cite the Beatles, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as influences which they channel in their mix of covers and originals. A deeper look at their Youtube page reveals they have more on their side then just their (very impressive) music - their long list of skills includes dance, martial arts and sports."

“New VEVO series: You Play Like a Girl ~ "You Play Like a Girl" is a series that follows Hole and Motley Crue, Samantha Maloney, as she goes across the country looking for female musical talent. Out of the five girls that have been featured to date, Misia Vessio is the only drummer Maloney has visited in the series. Misia from Queens, New York is a 16 year old drummer who has been drumming since she was 8. Vessio is currently in a band with her brother and has overcome feats such as dealing with a speech impediment. With hopes to change the world with her music, Vessio has joined the "Hit Like A Girl" contest.”

“The Future of Rock and Roll ~ If rock and roll is going to survive for the next 50 years it will need some effort. And here's some real effort. 15 year old Misia and her 12 year old brother playing the greatest garage version of Neil Diamonds "Cherry Cherry" you'll ever hear. It'll take a minute for you to adjust to the avalanche of noise this duo create in their bunker but when you do Misia Vessio's drumming will blow half your mind and the grunge guitar of Dante Vessio will blow the other. "CHANGE THE WORLD". You bet Misia. Outstanding!”

"Eleven-year-old Dante Vessio and his 15-year-old sister Misia cover Neil Diamond's "Cherry Cherry" proving that great songs never die, they live on in all kinds of permutations. I'm sure Neil would approve. The two Vessio's band name VESSIO, attribute their style to the musical influences of Howlin Wolf, Lightnin Hopkins and The Troggs among others. No shit. Cool. Turn it the fuck up!

“Do Girls Rock? Yes Yes they do! 15yo Misia Vessio ~ "Misia (me-sha) Vessio is a 15yo singer, musician and yes a girl rocker from New York. She has a band with her 12yo brother called VESSIO. Her video Teenage Queen of Drum Solos shows an unbelievable amazing solo on the drums!”

“VEVO Goes with "Girl Power" ~ "You Play Like A Girl showcases true girl power and shines light on 5 teens with big rock star dreams", says VEVO SVP Music Programming, Talent & Operations Doug McVehill. In Misia Vessio from Queens episode she engages in a spirited drum duel with host Samantha Maloney formerly of Hole. "She doesn't let anything stop her literally. The world's fastest drummer hits 1,200 beats per minute. Misia can hit 1,000!”