UrbanVoodoo / Press

“UV would be known as the "Awakening Angel", awakening the consciousness of the most neglected portions of the black mind. In a generation that is heavily immersed in beat-driven misogyny and non-progressive jesterism (did I say that outloud?!), UV comes as a loud and outspoken voice so necessary as fresh air in a smoke-filled room.”

“Urban Voodoo – Mercury Reign http://reverbnation.com/urbanvoodoo 19 Tracks Urban Voodoo’s CD, Mercury Reign is definitely a movement. In track #1, He uses the Martin Luther King Sample that galvanizes the people to come together even though we all might not get there, we as a people will get there. I must admit listening to that chocked a brother up. In Track #3 he calls to the youth to be better men than their fathers were. Closing my eyes I was like who does this brotha remind me of on this track, and then it hit me, Y’all remember when Saul Williams was reading his poem from a scroll talking about hip hop, yeah, he had a vibe like that going on, instead of talking about hip hop, he took it home, explained who he be and seasoned the track with an infectious hook, “Trying to be a better man than my father was. We gotta be leader’s not just followers,” I’m still bobbing my head to that track....”

“Urban Voodoo's Creole culture still permeates in his performance…that of Spicy truth that burns in gestation. His distinct vibe can be felt due to being raised in the inner-city where he shows his urban nature.”