"Unangel is band that I definitely think you should keep your eyes on, especially if you are into somewhat melodic death metal."

"Their sound is classic and at the same time modern... Amongst Cowards contains seven tracks of even quality... Techincally it is well played and as said before, nothing bad can be noticed about Unangel. Keep on blasting!"

"...this is in fact competently played, well produced thrashy death that is enjoyable... If you like Carnal Forge, new-school Exodus, Hatesphere, or Dew-Scented this is something you should check out."

"Unangel is a group that manages the heritage of death metal very well. The music is dark, grim and heavy, but also contains some nice progressive extravaganza in the guitar work. The vocalist also has that right guttural death metal feeling."

"Unangel combines the modern gothenborg-sound with traditional death metal. Whipping evil metal with melodies in the couliss. When death metal evolves in the future Three Days in Darkness might be one of the bands that is uplifted."

"The Uppsala-band Unangel shares a couple of lovely death/thrash-songs on their MySpace."

"Unangel sounds really good."