Tweed feat. Gervis Myles / Press

“Tonight we receive them at Château D ' oupeye often guarantee of quality. And despite that named cycle blues, here we are clearly in soul music, funk and see the gospel. But the first set starts slightly relaxed and relaxed with compositions like " one more dance" woman do it" and "this time"Eric Madunic the bass player and singer is watering us with a beautiful solo as well as Andrew Spadafora, twice winner of the wami for brass / reeds player of the year, delighted us with his saxophone doubles up on keyboard. With the second set, they gave us a stunning performance by setting fire to an audience who only asked for that. " it's alright " really well named, " call my phone","walls" with Eric on vocals here... but don't look too much on their old cd because here almost the whole concert is based on their new plate at going out. It's so happy that they are popular for 2 reminders "It's Music" and "Tossin and Turnin". There we have been spoiled from the big show! We have been delighted!”

“In preparation for a European tour for 2018, the band recorded a dozen tracks including nine originals to ensure its promotion and if this "Love Strong" has long remained reserved for the market of the countries that hosted the quintet, it is now more broadly that the group offers it a second life on the world market. Offering a blues very cleverly mixed with soul and funk, Tweed Featuring Gervis Myles has no equal to take the listener into a kind of trance to resist is useless as the Mass is well done and above all well said. Cleverly copper-copperor or simply sprinkled with Hammond or Rhodes organ, the pieces naturally make their way into the platinum and if the combo yields once to the cover by revisiting Luther Johnson's "Woman Don't Lie", the rest of the book is made entirely of compositions, mainly collegial such as the excellent "My Mountain", "One More Dance", "Walls" on which Madunic takes the lead vocals or "This Time" or "Tweed Is Here". Two more individual pieces, the tit”

“Here we are witnessing a real tour de force; Love Strong was recorded and mixed in just eight days. All the pieces are original compositions. The album, more sinful and less pop than the previous ones, seems to assert itself as a piece very focused on blues-rock. Various influences are manifested over the course of the pieces; the song 'This Time' mixes for example funky rhythm and line rather blues while 'Dying Land' enjoys a melodic line marked by the slide guitar. Tweed's identity continues to change, not least because of the change of voice due to the death of former singer Joseph Holman. Gervis Myles gives a second breath to the band that seems more centered on catchy rhythms and heady melodic lines. The new direction, stronger than before, is evident throughout the songs. Myles brings another dimension to the band, and we can't wait to hear the band's next event. Marion Braun”

“I was a fan of Tweed Funk. Their albums were always rollicking good fun. But then, of course, 2017 saw the death of frontman Joseph “Smokey” Holman. They’ve now gathered themselves together, dropped the Funk out of respect, and got themselves a new singer in the shape of Gervis Myles. And they’ve still got it if this set of nine originals and one cover is anything to go by. The cover being ‘Woman Don’t Lie’ by Luther ‘Snakeboy’ Johnson. Now even if they’ve dropped the funk from their name, their brand of the blues still has that undercurrent to it. Just listen to the bass line of ‘Dying’ Land’. Mr Myles is also a find as his voice is a perfect fit for the material on offer. I’m a sucker for a Hammond organ so the songs where bass player Eric Madunic gets his honk on rank highly for me with ‘Walls’ and ‘Tweed Is Here’ scoring particularly highly. But it’s an album that doesn’t let you down anywhere and as a return from the Funk free Tweed it more ”

“Love Strong, now available to a wider audience contains nine self-written pieces, only Woman Don't Lie is by Luther Johnson, and then 'Snakeboy' Johnson and gets a funky performance here, which really splashes out the speakers. Blues (My Mountain, The Hustler) and Soul related songs (One More Dance) alternate sturdier tracks (Dying Land) here in a tasteful way. There's even a touch of reggae in Love Strong. This band can't be caught for a hole and can combine blues, soul, rhythm 'n blues, blues rock elements and even a touch of jazz into a very enjoyable whole. Material that knows its way to lovers with a slightly wider taste.”

“As energetic as it can be, they open here tonight with a rhythm 'n blues by Roy Montrell. On his delicious 'Everytime I Hear That Mellow Saxophone' saxophonist Andrew Spadafora immediately plays in the spotlight. Great cost and funk blues where this 'Limburg Room' could best move through. It's just soul rockin' at its best. Uh Huh, Oh Yeah!”

“Tweed is one of the greatest representatives of the "Soul Revival" thanks to its own style that smells of Memphis and the roots of blues and soul. Last month they released their last CD, "Love Strong". So we could expect a number of new songs mixed with the older work and a number of new covers. In short, a performance with sweaty blues, soul and funk. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.... a very balanced set with a perfect ratio between uptempo songs and slow songs. A performance full of soul, funk and infectious rhythm & blues with an occasional jazzy undertone. Everyone could return home satisfied.”