TreynWrek / Press

"Said it before, I'll say it again: Trey plays guitar like a man on fire!"

Martin Miglioretti - TreynWrek Fan

“TreynWrek is more than music. It's an experience. The band has managed to revamp classics and make them new and create their own ideas and bring them to life. The energy from them is awesome. These guys enjoy what they do and it makes the experience more enjoyable. They like to interact with their audience. They are professional and at home at the same time, but without these added bonuses the music would still be enough.”

Detra Rasco Jett - TreynWrek Fan

“Don't be a CABOOSE... Book this band!!! You got a good thing here and I would stake our reputation on it! I personally would book a few dates in advance on your calendar so they can work their magic with promotion. TreynWrek is a fresh up beat trio with a psychedelic sound playing all over the Houston area right now. They play cover crowd favorites with a twist and originals that all will enjoy. This band is sure to get your patrons on their feet and out on the dance floor wanting more of what you sell. TreynWrek has a professional attitude, stage presence, a hell of a set list with great sound and style like no other in our area and in our opinion a must have on your music line up. They also are masters at promoting themselves which will bring in the crowd for your bottom line and should more than satisfy your hunger for being a venue that's got an edge with great sound.”

Richard Harris - The Woodlands Musicians Co-Op

“If you were expecting to see a train wreck, this ain't it! For one, the spelling is all wrong, and for another, these guys can PLAY! Funky and bad assed psychedelic blues is what they advertise, and it's exactly what you get. High energy and thumping grooves with enough nostalgia thrown in to please even the most crusty and dedicated blues fan. This three piece brings the sound of a five piece, and the stage show and energy of TEN! Get ready to become a fan because there's plenty to please everyone. Great original songs,with a fun and energetic delivery. All aboard!”

Abby Owen - Abby Owen Agency

“Trey was beating that guitar like it owed him money”

Paul Ramirez - Paul Ramirez Band

“The final set was Trey Dryden on guitar/vocals, Tim Hutto on drums and Quana Easley on bass as part of a new project called TreynWrek. We were only able to catch a couple of songs, but they sounded Great!!.”