Travis Centell / Press

“Centell has a sound that takes you back to the '94-'95 era! His delivery is mean yet his style is nice! Keep up the good work buddy we support you here in Delaware!!!!”

Karen Michaels - Delaware Times

“I like your voice... very smooth, great lyrics and catchy style... all the best for the future”

Tattoo'd Heart - Recording Artist

“this guy is so lyriclly talented and underated! hold ur head up bro and keep working ur day is comng! #stayup”

Paul Davis - Miami Music Magazine

“You got two new fans in PA.”

dub o.g.z

“Wow!! I'm a fan of real hip hop,and can honestly say you're the real deal. Keep doin what you do. Guarantee headz will follow this movement.”

“we're #6 on the hip hop charts for greensboro, nc”

““Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

Victor Hugo - goodread