Tragic End / Press

“Meet Tragic End: Travis - Guitar & Vocals, James - Guitar & Vocals, Chris - Bass, and John - Drums. Influenced by 90's grunge/metal, death metal, Aggro-tech, & Industrial, this band fuses all the sounds together to make a must see set. First to take the stage for the evening, this band hit the crowd like a fist, getting fans to the floor and rocking their hometown turf. I have seen them before and will see them again becauseTragic End always puts on a great set. Their lead singer Travis engages the crowd between songs, cracking jokes and setting up the crowd for a great time.”

“Tragic End, a metal band from Victorville describes themselves like this, “Metal, with various influences from different heavy genres...our influences range from 90's grunge/metal, to death metal, to Aggro-tech & Industrial.”. Members include: Travis - Guitar & Vocals, James - Guitar & Vocals,Chris - Bass, and John - Drums. Opening the night this band was hard, heavy and Metalriffic!. If you have not seen them and you are a metal fan I would check them out. Not only are they an awesome band, some members of the band are Veterans themselves, so this cause was near and dear to their heart.”

“We write music that is true to us, and true to all those that hear us. We are heavy, down-tuned, and mix in a lot of melody and personal inspiration into our sound. We are Tragic End”

Travis Royer - Tragic End - About Us