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“Chicago Singer’s Second CD Stands Up Strong! Chatting with Tracye Eileen. Destined to soar to women’s anthem status, vocalist Tracye Eileen’s upcoming release “Why Did I Say Yes” is sung with smarts and sass. Intelligent women, she croons, can still make mistakes, and she proves you can be strong, own it, then move on. Crossing her gospel gutsiness with smooth, jazzy sensibility, Tracye musters every emotion and paints like a master. “Before You” showcases a lovely voice with lyrical twists and spot-on use of vibrato; “Lazy Afternoon” lags like its title suggests, with stunning accompaniment by the piano’s light touch and bass’s unhurried punctuation; and the subtle, swingy waltz “Every Little Bit Hurts” shines a floodlight on Tracye’s educated chops. Her melodies feel intuitive, her pacing is precise and the lyrics leave you nodding in deep approval. This new CD should knock a lot of socks off. Go wiggle your toes and catch the groove.”

“Long time Hyde Park resident Tracye Eileen has taken an unconventional route to becoming a professional jazz singer. After years in the corporate world, Eileen is using her business smarts to jumpstart her career as a musician.The daughter of Edward Smith, a jazz percussionist, Tracye Eileen has always been surrounded by music. Her first performance was at the age of eight in a production of The Wizard of Oz.Throughout high school and college, Eileen sang in school jazz bands and church gospel choirs. Though, after finishing a bachelor’s degree at Jackson State University, Eileen elected to go into business administration in lieu of pursuing a career in music.“I was practical,” Eileen said. “I thought, you have to have something to fall back on.”She also commented that the vagabond lifestyle of struggling musicians didn’t appeal to her. “I never saw myself sleeping on buses,” Eileen said. “That was never me.” While going through a divorce in 2009.Eileen took stock o”

“Tracye Eileen: I actually started writing about 3 or 4 years ago, and part of it was the business aspect of the industry where you really need to own what you do when you start really making a living in this business. The other thing is I have a story to tell, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic in love with love. I tend to sing about a lot of love and then I kind of write about it too. BG: Well your first album was called Love's Journey... TE: (laughing) Yes. BG: Is there some of your songs on there as well? TE: Those were actually all covers and the second CD we're working on has a song called Why Did I Say Yes, and that tune was about a relationship that didn't go quite so well (laughs) BG: Well I think there are a lot of good songs that come out of bad relationships. TE: That's so true BG: What kind of band set up do you have? TE: I have a 4 piece band, matter of fact Pat is my music director and guitar player and I have a bass, keys and drums so we get a really good grove going”

“Newsy Names--Chitown's talented jazz vocalist Tracye Smith celebrates the release of her brand new debut CD, Love's Journey, this Thursday, 6-9 p.m., during an elegant evening @ Square One, Chicago's newest hot spot in the South Loop, 1400 S. Michigan Ave., hosted by Hollywood Casino Joliet with guest celebrity hostess and sistah-vocalist, Terisa Griffith, of "The Voice" fame. It's a Bella Marc Studio event..”

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