Tinkerchele / Press

“really enjoying the diverse style of these tunes as you find the right attitude needed to tell each seperate story..dig that great Cocteau Guitar on "No Tears" and the mesmerising almost drone-like quality of the string riff and percussion of "my knight"..very Bjork-like, very impressionistic..beautifully peformed and arranged.”

“Wonderful Vocals, arrangements and songs. Nice Lyrics and Musicianship as well. Play everything here and Enjoyed them all. Great job......... Tony”

“Mmmm...My Knight...xoxo...Otto”

“Great Music! Peace always D”

“You have a fantastic voice! Congratulations to you!!”

“Great music! Keep it UP!”

“This is some really Tranquil music with very good Vocals, Melodies and arrangements.”

“You deserve success on your talent alone. Your humility and gratitude are just icing on the cake. All the best to your continued success.”

Jax/Female Band Invasion - ReverbNation

“Very Good Vocal performances on all these songs.. Very Smooth. Nice sound all around. Good Instrumentation as well. I just pushed Play All and enjoyed my visit here. My picks of the day are: No Tears and Because Of You”

“Beautifuly soulful voice and great music! Nice work!!”

“What a lovely powerful song! Here's to KNOWING that all your dreams are within reach! :) MP”

“BIGGEST fan!!.......♥”

“i love your music <33”

“love ur music hun !!!!!”

“Hey!i love you music”

“You do have a beautiful voice......If there is anything I can do to help promote your music let me know. I grew up in North Port and Its good to see such talent coming from my home town!”

“hey there, i really liked your last 2 song posts!!i think your voice is awesome as well as you. also if I lived in Florida i would totally be your assistant!!keep up the great song singin!!”