Thunderchief / Press

“The Gonzo Family was started by newcomers Cam the Viking and Mae Dahli, who met and soon began making music together and doing small local shows. They nked up with A R Mastermind, Lost Soul the Emo-Kat, NuVo The One and Abom the Kid. A live show from the Gonzo Family consists of posse cuts featuring different MCs in the group. The live-set is high-energy - we're talking bouncing off the walls jumpiness. Some members wear masks and some don war paint. It's worth going to a local show and checking the Gonzo Family out. soundcloud.com/gonzofamily Blue Nose Music is fashioned more like a traditional label. It started with Greg Double nine years ago, and artists include AbomKid, Castro, Thunderchief, DJ Skrewball, Mr. Tactical, Mike G. iballz and 5ive 3re. This musical family puts out solo and group albums under the Blue Nose Music. Hear their music & know their artists at reverbnation.com/bluenosemusic. Thanks to the networkingthese crews they have been able to benefit and rise together. ”