“Loving "Ghettometal" - This is exactly what Rap/Hip Hop NEEDS!!! THANK YOU!!”

“Hey! Cool tunes and a great and innovative mix of styles, really enjoyed the listening! And yeah, I can hear the heritage of Bad Brains. :) Thanx for the friendship, have a nice Weekend! Cheers /H [less] ”

“THIS kicks serious butt !! I havent heard metal rap this good since my youth days when we all used to listen to ICE T's bodycount over a few beers!! I'll be back on this site regually thanks man !! [less] ”

“Laidback Mike I caught this band several times in the DC/MD area this past yearr and came away impressed every time! Buy their CD "Discontent" you will feel the "Ghetto Metal" this band puts out!”

LaidBack Mike - Fan comment

“In an Urban Development first, we are pleased to bring you our inaugural metal-related post featuring DC group Throwdown Syndicate. Describing their latest album, Discontent, as “full of life, great lyrics, bomb blastic drums, thick bass, and crushing guitars”, these guys only recently came on radar, but we’re certainly glad they did! The album is well worth a listen (check it below) with the songs “Pyrocastic Flow” and “Shaman” as the tracks with the most overt crossover potential. The blues and funk influences in these two tunes are pleasantly obvious. The rest of the album smartly fuses hardcore, grindcore, and elements of hip-hop with politically charged lyrics to devastating effect. The more tear-out “White Girl”, the intense “Ghettometal”, and the moody “Neurochemistry” are our favorites. We’re by no means metal experts, but we think this music kicks ass.”

“@throwdownsyn Been checking out the latest from DMV “groove ghetto metal” band Throwdown Syndicate (above l to r: James Reeves, Andrew Och, Luis Trigueros). You may recall them from some earlier coverage. I’m always thrilled to hear a band’s growth. Their music comes at you furiously. But, god, these guys are really tight. Props, fellas.”

“The next band up was Washington DC’s Throwdown Syndicate. They are a three piece band that describes themselves as “ghetto metal” and vocally has a lot of rap and hip hop elements. Now before you start thinking of those 90s era rap metal bands, they weren’t like that. More like a hard core metal band with a street style rap and vocal patterns. I’m really not knowledgeable enough of that genre to get more descriptive than that though. Rap has never really been my thing but I can see there being an audience for this. I could see them sharing a bill with Magrudergrind, another DC metal band who uses hip hop influences. I think people in the audience were a bit mixed, probably reflecting their like or dislike of rap more than of the band itself. Still, they did have a heavy sound and I could hear a bit of that Bad Brains style DC hardcore sound in there.”

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