♛VERSATILE♛™ / Press

“he is a great producer even with beats i love his style i love his music i haven't heard a song i haven't liked he's a great person loves to help over people very wise great friend to have.”

B. Gray - Fan & Friend

“I've known andre for like 4 years now and he is a very talented artist and song writer. he always puts 200% into every project he puts out or apart of.”

B. Gray - Fan & Friend

“Music is not only what he's about but it's who he is, his music wont just make u go half on a baby but it will make u laugh, cry and think! lol He's going to be bad at this, Like Michael Jackson BAD!!”

T. Griffin - Fan & Friend

“Dre is his name "Versatile" in every aspect of life, he is 1 of the few ppl i know to do what he say and say what he means. He's very smart handsome, sexy and already a star in my eyes!”

T. Griffin - Fan & Friend

“the best, most genuine,talented and intelligent being ive come across ;-)”

anonymous - Fan

“Andre's music is as awesome and as beautiful as he is. Andre has a humble and a sweet spirit that reflects in his music. His music has a cool vibe about it. I love his voice and he is a very gifted person. He is my God-brother and I wish him the best and much success. God Bless you Andre!”

B.Mallory - Fan

"It's bringing a new R&B classic style ready to take the industry by force"

A.Beckam - Fan