Their Ocean / Press

“The Chicago-based psychedelic R&B/indie rock group has described itself as “a cross between Hall and Oates and Arcade Fire, if they were friends with the Soulquarians.” As funny as that sounds, it’s about right. In listening, though, I’d add some other names, too. The title track’s keyboard textures — crunchy blips, then billowing washes? I hear Eno. The come-hither lover-man vibe of “Come Back to Me”? Totally Marvin Gaye.”

“They describe their sound as "psych soul rock", a melding of styles that made perfect sense as I listened to their recent Still Waters EP on a balmy May night. It's the auditory equivalent of a sunset experienced alone. with softly humming guitar tones sharing equal space with twinkling pianos and Keith Krueser's lonesome voice hovering hummingbird-like above the mix.”

“The overall sound of this Chicago duo is clear and crisp acoustic soul, that will resonate well in a mellow crowd of either indie-rockers, or soul hungry mid-agers.”

“What feels like a leery peek through a stationary camera positioned inside of a snow globe of Chicago while cold and brisk, Their Ocean create their sound with the idea of warmth and comfort in mind.”