TheStrangers Productions / Press

“WOW.... enough said !!”


“I Love It, keep doing it, electronic music is going to take over ”

Frankie O. Solovely

“... and you know what? I LUV IT!!!!! I recommend you to my friends... Best of luck, C.”


“Hey bro :)"Bangers" awesome!!”


“Awesome tunes here thanks for sharing!! SPREAD THE MUSIC!!!”

Franz and Larry

“WhAt Do U cAlL sEx WhIlE cAmPiNg?? InTeNtS!!!!!!!! sUcH a SiCk DuBsTeP sOnG!!!!”

Genocide Beats

“damn! intents is sick, that bass line is off the hook! nice going, i'll be back for more ;) ”

Marko Boko

“Dig all songs that are here!!! they vary groovy!!!!! "Strange Woman"!!!! is the one that GRABBED!!!! ME!!!!!....rdogg. Burbank, CA”

Project 2025

“TheStrangers Is working hard”

James Laurie - TheStrangers-Productions