The Prolegend Movement / Press

"Brings a new swag to grown man rap."

“The long awaited project of the hip-hop band The Prolegend Movement is ready to hit the selling floor - Daily Bread the Mixtape will impress audiences everywhere with it's quality and sound.”

“The combination of talents between these men has created a force to be heard. They excel in writing, producing, game spitting, and performing. A rare treat nowadays. Influenced by past greats in the Soul, Hip-Hop, Blues, and Jazz genres, The Prolegend Movement has stirred this all together to form a style of hip-hop that has fun yet explores a message.”

“All four members of The Prolegend Movement were born and raised in Jacksonville’s Northside and even as they have found growing success on the Internet and in live performances from here to Atlanta, their commitment remains to this city and the youth.”

“The Prolegend Movement have managed to infuse a sprinkling of reggae with classic funk and soul to create an original and thought-provoking hip-hop album. It is an impressive collection of tracks and after having the pleasure of listening to them all, NewBeatsMedia wants to be part of this movement.”

“ The VH1 video crew will be filming the event, which will be hosted by Gene Dot Com. The show will include performances by local groups The Prolegend Movement, Bentley a.k.a. Yung, and Gutta Black. The headline acts are Thrill Da Playa from 69 Boys, VH1 Born to Diva winner Tarralyn Ramsey, and hip-hop icon Chubb Rock.”

“The Prolegend Movement came out and put on a free, family-friendly show to benefit the community and to support a local dance group, the Jacksonville Starz. This wasn't Grind to Shine at Endo Exo, it wasn't about ticket sales or swagger, although Prolegend has plenty of that. Yesterday was just about the music, the kids, and the community. ”

“There is a cliche in writing, usually used in reference to some great event or performance that goes, 'you could feel the energy in the room/building/fill in the blank'. Like any writer, I like to think of myself as original and not prone to the use of worn-out phrases such as this. However, I can honestly think of no better way to describe The Prolegend Movement's performance at Endo Exo this past Thursday. You could truly feel the energy in the place.”

“Revolution Revalationz is a hard-hitting, no holds barred commentary on the world as seen by Prolegend. They took inspiration from issues as varied as 9/11, the Enron scandal, and the upcoming Superbowl in Jacksonville, which led to what some viewed as police harassment in the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium in an effort to clean up the streets.”

“ The Prolegend Movement is more than a rap group, say founders Laf Legend and Mass Pro. It's also an effort to inspire youths and better the community, a positive life philosophy - a movement And they invite people to join. ”