The Mercury Tree / Press

“The fact is that there are not so many progressive rock bands on the current scene that actually understand the term progressive, and that offer music that is colourful and inventive. Portland based The Mercury Tree have been around for eight years and so far they produced three records. Their latest is titled “Countenance.” Long story short, this album is a masterpiece. If you are looking for a recording that comes close to Kayo Dot’s “Coffins on Io” as the most experimental album released in 2014, look no further. The Mercury Tree has advanced to the point where all the potential and skills are masterfully used and put onto an album. Bravo!”

“I love this album, mainly due to how distinctive, courageous, complex, catchy, and colourful it is. Because it combines so many dissimilar influences with a tremendous amount of originality, "Countenance" doesn't really sound like anything else being made today, and that alone makes it remarkable. It doesn't hurt that the songwriting, arrangements, and performances are top notch too. Really, albums like this demonstrate how special music still can be. I'm often very critical of how mundane, repetitious, uninspired, and just plain useless most popular music is, and so bands like The Mercury Tree feel like a true breath of fresh air. "Countenance" quickly became one of my favourite albums of the year, and I have no doubt that you'll feel the same way once you experience it.”

“[Countenance] is a collection of frantic jazz, pop sensibilities and metal, which can all be experienced on the album’s epic track, the 11-minute Otoliths, which bridges an alternative rock chorus with a 6 minute instrumental explosion. The instrumental Mazz Jathy packs more notes into one song than many bands would into an entire album. The band are not afraid to show off their chops which are on full display throughout the album.”

“The Mercury Tree weave a quite daunting tapestry of progressive rock and fusion chops. "Pterodactyls" is the sound of extremely technical and gifted musicians, with a jazz bent and a thorough knowledge of music theory, distilling their talent into a cohesive whole.”

“If you just love brilliant musicianship with a jam vibe, this work is incredible, and if you feel geeky enough to dig into the story, it goes oh so much deeper.”