The Marquee / Press

“Billy, Carlos, Louis and Maurice were my guests for show #9 and they scored 100% on the evening's pop quiz. Q: Why go out and see live music? A: "Because it's better." Catch their next show in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory on August 7th”

“The Marquee Products used: Duraplex .73mm picks, Tenacious D, HES, and NSXH’s. “I’ve used all different brands of picks over the years and Steve Clayton’s have to be my top choice. Whether we’re on tour, recording, or just jamming in the studio, I always have a pack of Duraplex picks in my guitar bag.” – Maurice Alban “The Tenacious D pick from Steve Clayton has to be the coolest pick out there, I mean its the pick of destiny!” – Carlos Jaramillo”

“The crowning jewel of the set is “Shades of White”. It is my favorite Marquee song to date. With elements of dream rock, and indie pop, it is a great contrast to the other songs...this song is culmination of sound the band has been trying to hone since their humble beginnings"”

“The Marquee are a NYC based rock band. They’ve had 2 releases in the last few years, the most recent being The Day We Never Met.”