Hannah Anders / Press

"Hannah Anders was a great experience for all of us here at KEMC, she has a perfect attitude, incredible talent and definitely has both the desire and hunger to succeed. We would be delighted to be part of Hannah’s success here in The UK and Ireland and indeed Greater Europe." -Peter Kennedy, CEO of KEMC Global

KEMC Global

“This is a breath of fresh air, love the production, great fit for my show” - BBC DJ (prefers to remain anonymous)”

KEMC Global

“Presenter B, “Love to hear more from Hannah, this is great [Turn It Up] is definitely going on my playlist”- BBC DJ (prefers to remain anonymous)”

KEMC Global

““Love this track, [Turn It Up] is very catchy from the start, perfect for my show, my listeners will eat this up”, BBC Radio DJ (prefers to remain anonymous)”

KEMC Global

““What an amazing person and probably one of the best Acts we have ever had perform here, Hannah Anders will make it big here for sure” -Margaret, The Princess of Wales, London.”

KEMC Global

““Incredible Artist, couldn’t believe how well the originals went over with the audience” -The Black Boot, Ferbane, Ireland”

KEMC Global

““The Best KEMC Artist by a mile that we have had perform, can’t wait to have Hannah Back” -Shane, The Stand Roscrea, Ireland”

KEMC Global

““[Southern Free] is a radio ready song if ever there was one. The kind of song that should be on the air on country music stations nation wide…it’s easy to imagine Anders being the voice of your girls night out.” -Gary Schwind, Entertainment writer for AXS.com”

“The stage comes alive when Hannah Anders and her band hit the very first note. "Her energy and stage presence, enveloped by the amazing musicianship of the band, doesn’t end until the last note fades away. Her show is exciting and powerful.” -Kevin Kane, Radio DJ for Kix Country 98.7”

Kevin Kane - Kix Country 98.7

““In 30 years of producing live shows, from Creedence Clearwater to Charlie Daniels, what a breath of fresh air it was to work with Hannah Anders and her entire organization. Hannah’s great voice had the crowd on their feet. The band was as good as any headliner I have worked with and on top of that, the entire band looked, performed, and acted like they were on stage at Carnegie Hall. Did I mention that Hannah also mesmerized the crowd with the National Anthem?! WOW! What a star.” -Terry Turner, Executive Producer, DJ, and event promoter for Radio WNZF”

Terry Turner - Kix Country Music Festival

"The Hannah Anders Band kicks the evening into another gear with an electricity and energy that we have begun to count on from them. Wednesday's performance did not disappoint, as Hannah Anders gave another excellent performance, melding country music with southern rock. 2011 is a promising year for the Hannah Anders Band, and with performances like the one they gave on Wednesday, it's not hard to see why. With their trademarks, "Turn It Up" and "Little Redneck Riding Hood", their popularity is without a doubt, going to skyrocket."

JMWest Live

“The Hannah Anders Band is a southern-fried collection of artists who emit more swagger on stage in 5 minutes of music than most country outfits can do in an hour. Always JMWest Live favorites, they constantly churn out songs that leave the audience on their feet. You would not expect anything less from a band that considers AC/DC and Led Zeppelin as influences. 2011 promises to be a big year for The Hannah Anders Band, as they are preparing their debut EP album, and gearing up for a national tour.”

JMWest Live - Live at The House of Blues

“Last [in the line up] was The Hannah Anders Band, and the night kicked into another gear as one of JMWest Live's featured artists took the stage. Always a thunderous presence onstage bringing a passion and intensity that few can rival. A country girl at heart, Ms. Anders has currently been very busy, as she and her band are prepping the release of their debut album, "Turn It Up".”

"The night featured the Hannah Anders Band, who supplied the evening with an injection of Southern Rock. As a native of the south herself, Anders brought a moxie all her own to the House of Blues, and with songs such as "Redneck Riding Hood", she brings something that is definitely not common to the Sunset Strip. You can see Hannah and her band on October 21st @ The Roxy's VIP lounge, On The Rox, for what will be another exciting JMWest Live event. This particular show will be a benefit for the Project X charity organization, so it is not to be missed." JMWest Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA