The Galt Line / Press

“Vocalist and ukulele player, Blythe Crawford, - who stomps her bottle-capped anklet adorned feet through the set - sings and skats with a honeyed voice edged with razor blades... Not to be outdone, guitarist Willie Gammell, who started playing blues and psychedelic music when he was 15, holds his own, playing groove after groove of danceable roots rock and blues riffs that you can’t help but tap you toes to.”

“Next up, one of TSI’s favs from this past summer, THE GALT LINE. Being their second time out to play the Max J show, you could tell that some of the crowd was obviously ready for ‘em, but all the others found themselves picking there jaws up off of the ground by the middle of the very first song! Blythe Crawford is the front of this band with crazy wailing vocals, a uke and hundreds of bottle caps strapped to her legs for percussion. Backed by Willie Gammell who totally RIPS IT on guitar, this absolutely killer duo from DC completely blew the top off of the Lizard Lounge with there Old School Gritty Americana Rock sound!”

“When listening to [The Galt Line's] gritty recordings it almost made me turn right back around and head directly to the Atlantic City Boardwalk to imagine myself as a new character in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire taking shots of trashy whiskey in a back room speakeasy in the 20′s!”

“This is roots music that oozes rock energy, jazzy melodies, and blues turnarounds that’ll get you on the dance floor faster than you can say ‘Lady Gaga.’”

"Their lyrics are wry and raw, and touch on everything from drinking too much, to surviving a bad job, to discovering a bedbug infestation. Crawford sings in a voice like whiskey and honey - smooth and warm, with a kick. They use guitar, ukulele, bottle caps, and foot stamps to create their highly rhythmic music that gives a nod to American folk and dance traditions, while still sounding new."

"The Galt Line displays their energetic style with a bit of a bluesy, old-American dance hall style and sound. These talented musicians masterfully wield their instruments to bring a finely crafted blend of music to their listeners, and it really is hard not to dance to."

"...their unique blend of Americana music fused with punk, folk, and blues. The combination may sound noncomplementary, but it works. Blythe's snarling yet on-key vocals and ukulele playing are complimented by Willie's proficient guitar skills."

“Well, some groups provide the songs and the emotions to commiserate with you, but don't expect any heavy lifting from The Galt Line. Guitarist Willie Gammell remarks, "We don't talk about our feelings very much." His cohort in crime, Blythe Crawford, sums it up succinctly, "We're just trying to throw a party."”

"Electric uke, bottlecap leg shakers, bass, smoking guitar, a drum, and a lead vocal that makes you want to drink, smile, and try to remember when the last time you had as much fun as the band was having."

"The Galt Line blends modernity with a serious hats-off to roots music."

"...in addition to having a reputation for rollicking live shows, [The Galt Line] may have the best press pic ever."

“[The Galt Line] has a different kind of spunk to their music that is difficult to compare to anything else.”