The Electric D / Press

“Great sound! We would like to book you for The Red Carpet event for Sony Music A&R in Austin!”

“Great voice and music>”

“Nice Sound!!!! Regards, Amar!”

“D, Listening, I wonder who your inspirations are. "What are your inspirations? I can only guess. Nice writing skills." Great stuff here. You will go where ever you want to. ”

“Keep making those hits and good luck in your career.”

“Very Warm and Satisfying tunes Brother. Great stuff! T.”

“Love your voice.”

“I wish you luck with your music, and hope that you keep on making wonderful music.”

“Exceptional, well-crafted, well-performed tracks. Enjoyed the listen.”

“Love the music!”

David J. - Reverb Press

“Great sound!! I love "You're The One"”

Adam Springob - Reverb press

“Great tracks here!!! Thank u for sharing them. Bk soon. I am ur fan :) M.L.F.L”

Emily - Reverb Press

“Cool music. I'm a fan definitely. Keep making it, music bridges many gaps. Casey Picou”

Casey Picou - Reverb Press

“Great storytelling songs, enjoying the tunes! -Bonney St. Jean-”

Bonney St. Jean - Reverb Press

“Cool vibe to your music,sounds great,I like what I hear. A fan I am...Ron Lee”

Ron Lee - Reverb Press

“I have checked out your flayva D! I love it!”

Ara B Music - Reverb Press

“Very unique & smooth! -Ms. J.Dynasty-”

Ms. J.Dynasty - Reverb Press

“Stopping by to show our support and frienship. Wishing you all the best in your musical endeavour! :) Enki Anuna”

“Sounds great David!! The vocals and guitar work are real smooth. Sort of has a Pink Floyd vibe...”

Shadow Spectrum - Shadow Spectrum(Promos)

“Cool tracks! keep up the great work \m/”

Born & Raised - Born & Raised (Album on Pre-Sale)

“Great song-smithing...we support your work!..Gwamba-”

“Hi! just stopped by to check out your page , And i was not disappointed. Peace!”

Sean Patrick Adams - Reverb press

“WOW..Great Sounds Electric D!”

“Great work! All the best to you! ~ Keyla”

“Hi David, It's my pleasure to say, I really enjoyed listening to your music and it's wonderful coming back to it now. Keep up the great work!”

“Come Back is a cool jam! nice groove man. "spendin my time in another world" we can relate!”

“Definitely enjoying your sound, very soulful, best of luck to you! Dizzomo”

“David, Rabbit Hole placed me on your page and I listened and really enjoyed your music. I bet you are gonna go far..”

“I really enjoyed your music. Love the acoustic vibe with the bluesy leads and good songwriting!”

“The Electric D's clear voice and southern muddy guitar style meld together to form a new southern rock sound that everyone can chill out and groove to. D's bluesy guitar rifts and powerful vocals and fun, free-spirit fill a void in the southern comfort rock music landscape. Within the first few bars, you'll imagine you are sittin' on a back porch with a cold beer listening to an old friend strum on his git fiddle.”

J. Misilinski--Seattle Sounds - The Electric D

“The Electric-D Published October 15, 2011 | By Kim Nicolaou It’s cool to have a singer-songwriter who plays and performs (as far as I can hear), with an Accoustic Guitar and calls himself ‘The Electric-D’ here at Artists United. I first heard of David Ruddick via Soundcloud. A guitar, a voice and a talent for songwriting is what David is.”