The Dropoutz / Press

“BANG TANGO / ADLER’S APPETITE / FASTER PUSSYCAT Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ August 3rd, 2006 On August 2nd I got an e-mail from Michael Thomas (FASTBACK) telling me he is playing guitar for FASTER PUSSYCAT and will be in our area of New Jersey on August 3rd at Dingbatz, and do I want to come down? Naturally, I do, since Michael is a friend and I see him as a premiere artist: how could I resist? He also told me to look out for a new FASTBACK CD early next year. Once we got to the show Pennsylvania’s THE DROPOUTZ were playing, and were a good band to open up the show, even throwing swags to the small crowd. Their rock alternative style was flowing and vocalist Mikki Twist belted out the tunes for almost an hour.”

RockEyez Magazine

“The songs are good, and well written, but they seem to be played with no enthusiasm. Mikki Twist needs to lift his head and be proud of the music he and his band have created. This review is not a put-down: the music is there, they just need to take it another level. The two songs on here, “Wake Up” and “Without You,” are good-but as the leader of the band; Mikki needs to put some backbone into the vocals. I know they have energy, but it isn’t reflected in this demo. “Wake Me” has a good beat but again, the background vocals lack in excitement. The same goes for “Without You”. If these songs were remixed to add a bit of spice to them and show off Mikki’s vocals, I am sure THE DROPOUTZ would be heard.”