The David G Ward Project / Press

“beautifully crafted and superbly performed tunes you're making here David..incredible to think that they're still just demos..they feel so fully formed and well developed..the "Lie To Me Tonight" track is just heartbreaking..like a great John Hiatt or Lyle Lovett tune about the tough man weakening at the knees..love your lyricism and diggin your excellent vocal skillz. Nice work bro!”

RN Fan Review

“Great sound, good songs and hooks, and clean guitar playing. Well produced and arranged, the whole package. Kudos, David. Original, but I hear several influences. Keep on keepin' on.”

Medium Gauge RN Fan

“Thanks so much for your submission of “Lie To Me Tonight.” What a beautiful idea for a song! Evan and I were just listening to it and talking about how beautiful that hook is, and how excellent the concept. It reminds me a lot of “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” even thought they’re such different styles; very direct and evocative and un-pityingly sad. Great work.”

MusicXray Review

“David G Ward has that toe-tapping swing rare in most solo artists. This is blue-eyed soul wrapped in lyrical grace. Stellar music for starry nights!”

Greg Leatherman RN Fan

“ Just had a quick listen ... yeah I like your style, great vocals and guitar too! ... Desire reminds me of early Bad Company/Free and they did a good job of mastering it too ... excellent track. oh and i love the end of I hate snow! hahaha.”

Linkedin catalogue review