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“The DTEASE is a punk rock band from California and their music video for “I Got Mine” is nothing short of crazy. With clips from live shows and video of just some epic stuff going on this is definitely a video that will be discussed. Plus it has well over 20,000 views on YouTube so it’s obviously doing something right. In this video there is no shortage of whips, chains, crazy behavior, and everything in-between. The song has a great rocking vibe to it that makes you wish you were in the music video with them. Produced by Imperio of Electric SEX Enterprises, you can tell they knew what they wanted to do and they knew how to get it. This video will blow your mind and have you rockin’ out at the same time, check it out!”

“Many assume that The DTEASE is all a gimmick, but Gil asserts that that’s not the case. The band coats a recurring string of political commentary with seemingly mindless rock ’n’ roll excess; it’s a phenomenon the frontman calls “the poison pill wrapped in candy.” ...The band’s notoriously over-the-top show is meant to double as an immersive experience. Gil says that all preconceived notions of labels disappear during their set. ...Although the duo fully embraces the idea of “sex sells,” both Gil and Imperio note that sex is intrinsically tied in with their music — “rock ’n’ roll” is a reference to sexual acts, after all. The band’s inclusion of half-naked dancers writhing to raw riffs becomes “social lubricant” to make people feel more open, Gil says. He even relates the concert experience in sexual terms: “We build the arc of the show all the way up, like it’s a a really good fuck."”

“Perhaps one of the baddest and coolest sounding bands out in the Indie Music Scene The DTEASE knows how to rock hard and still have fun at what they are doing.”

“The DTEASE immediately assault your senses with hard hitting rock and intelligent lyrics.”

“Complete in a slick suit and greasy hair, he lamented about doing too much crack on a dirty mattress to rapid punk rock rifts then smashed his guitar, and it was instant love.”

“[DTEASE]...they are anything but ‘just another band’.”

“Extreme energy coupled with a rock show not seen in decades, The DTEASE deliver much needed CPR into today’s music scene.”

“DTEASE have come out of nowhere slamming Southern California like a pissed off voice of reason.”

"The DTEASE...are definitely the next big thing; they deliver the full experience, and if you have not seen them perform, you have to." - Electric SEX Enterprises

“DTEASE Single "Wall Street Prostitute" Emerges From Viral Underground ”