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“The opener, “Loving You”, is the Critic’s Choice here. While a lead-in rarely needs any additional publicity this tune simply embodies everything the band has worked to become. It’s got a blues-tinge to it and with the help of Jay Rattman’s horn arrangements, this one seems like it would be right at home on a Blues Brothers soundtrack. Continue reading on Examiner.com The Broadcast - Los Angeles art | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/art-in-los-angeles/the-broadcast#ixzz1Ye6BYUKQ ”

“Krisko and The Broadcast do likewise in the sense that they embrace that which they are capable. For example, Krisko not only owns a voice that bounds into the microphone and grabs listeners into a hear-to-me-now! mode. She wields it. Call them holy mackerel moments. Typically rare and nearly always fleeting, but when summoned legends can emerge. They’re lofty heights for a performer to attempt yet oh so worthy of attempting.”

“It's hard to imagine a band that sounds this big being contained in an intimate space like Nowhere Bar. The best promotion the bar could do for this show is just to leave the door cracked open once the music starts. The vocals of The Broadcast's powerhouse frontwoman Caitlin Krisko will easily reach the ears of music fans lounging on the Georgia Theatre rooftop and beyond—and she has enough sheer magnetism to draw them all in.”

“Though two upcoming albums would be enough work for one band, The Broadcast also looks to continue touring. The band hopes to follow the ways of its influences by gaining a fan base through its shows. “Grassroots music is an amazing lifestyle to live because all of the experiences that you get to have are very personalized and much your own,” Krisko said. “When we looked at the careers of our favorite musicians, the one thing was even though all of their journeys and paths to success were very different, the one common denominator between these bands was that they toured. And toured. And toured.””

“What concert-goers did not come to expect was the part-time venue would soon turn erupt before their eyes. Vocalist Caitlin Krisko commanded immediate attention with her spine-tingling vocals, which would guide the other members’ movements on the small, instrument-filled stage. Within the first few songs, the crowd had doubled – if not tripled.”

“MoDaddy’s is featuring “The Broadcast” every Monday throughout May and it’s exactly what Asheville has been waiting for. The band recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to escort their tunes to the top and they are well on their way. “Up-and-coming” is an understatement for this well composed soul/rock bunch. They draw inspiration from Motown, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. In a very approachable way they are tapping into something that people will always want to hear; high energy and well composed songs, soul, rock and blues (and maybe a little conga solo for the hippies of Asheville. That was pretty sweet.) It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off of female vocalist; Caitlin Krisko. I’d SAY “It’s like a combination of Fergie and Jesus!” but I’d hate to belittle her talents. It’s Fionna Apple meets Florence and The Machine. Her voice is like incense smoke; seductive, heavy and unavoidable. I felt as if it hung in the air and was suspended in time.”

“Until a few months ago, the Broadcast were just your typical amazing Brooklyn folksy six-piece Stevie Wonder-worshipping soul band, selling out venues with platinum princess Caitlin Krisko's powerhouse vocals and waiting for a bigger break. Cut to September, when the entire band relocated to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, in order to become full-time rock stars. The result? Their impressive sophomore release Days Like Dreams, in which they forget about the New York rat race to focus on the original inspiration of the ecstatic music they make. Tonight they pay their hometown a visit and give us a taste of their Southern epiphany — a performance perfect for those who want to dance barefoot in the middle of winter.””

“You don’t have to listen to or read too much on Asheville soul-rock outfit the Broadcast before the inevitable comparison to Grace Potter & the Nocturnals pops into your head. Let’s see: siren-voiced beauty who draws comparisons to Janis Joplin in the front? Check. Rhythm-heavy backing band that performs with an almost psychic kind of chemistry? You got it. Catalog of songs that blur the line between present-day and classic rock? Yep. Don’t get confused when lead singer Caitlin Krisko leads the band into the Blind Tiger on Tuesday, a night normally reserved for local and collegiate bands to put their feelers out; this is a band capable of playing at a national level, and they knew it from the moment they quit their Brooklyn day jobs and took up music full-time.”

“The soul-driven band (which dropped “Caitlin Krisko and” from its name with the move) was filling spots like New York’s Mercury Lounge and the Bitter End, developing a following with live shows and a record last year, Over the Undercover. Krisko has drawn comparisons to vocalists such as Joss Stone and Janis Joplin. But you know the drill: expensive city life means struggling to make a living so that you can make music. The band all had day jobs, too. So, with a little “feminine persuasion,” she says, Krisko convinced the whole band to move to Asheville this fall. They share a North Asheville house in which they’ve set up a recording studio. (Expect a new EP at the end of this month).”

“The Broadcast, is a rock and soul outfit fronted by vocalist Caitlin Krisko. Listening to their latest EP, “Days Like Dreams,” it’s obvious that these guys can play their asses off. Of course, they have to in order to keep up with Krisko’s powerful voice. Krisko has the rare ability to belt out a tune while maintaining a remarkable amount of clarity. It’s a pleasure to hear her and the band do their thing. ”

“With the spirit of Janis Jopin thriving right beneath the surface, Caitlin Krisko belted out breathtaking originals with pipes the likes of Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone complimented by other notes as sweet and soft as Norah Jones or Toby Lightman. Krisko's lyrics are above and beyond her 24 years and reflect her intuition, spirit and longing for peace in our world. Not only is she beautiful and generous on the inside, she is beautifully generous on the outside, often times attaching her name to various charities and non-profit organizations to help raise awareness. Her band's ability to take her vocals and raise the music to whole other level is jaw dropping. With sweeping melodies and piano driven soul rock, you'll be left on the edge of your seat wanting more.”

Jennifer Ross - Atlantic Records

"Playing rock music has been my career ever since. I always knew that I wanted music to be my life. I've been writing songs for a long time, and music has taught me patience. When I started, I was playing shows by myself and eventually met a great bunch of musicians." That's when The Broadcast came into existence and evolved into a rollicking, six-piece soul/rock band. "New York was a great pace for me to develop," Krisko said. "Tyler and I are the only two original members left. We knew this was going to be our career. It's taken a lot of hard work. We do our own bookings. We used to have professional management in New York. Now, we do it all on our own.

"I've been listening to Over The Undercover for about a month or so now. The first thing that catches you is the voice of Caitlin Krisko. She has a rich soulful instrument that goes from sultry to vulnerable and back again with ease. Krisko reaches down in her soul and comes up a grand amount of passion that sucks the listener in. With every inflection, be it subtle or blistering, she makes the listener feel all of the pain and pleasure of each song."

LaNita Adams - NY Quirky Chick

"New York-based band Caitlin Krisko and the Broadcast pulling up stakes and moving to Asheville" The New York-based band Caitlin Krisko and the Broadcast, a band that's been working the Big Apple scene for about three years, has announced that it is moving to Asheville to pursue their musical career. Cosmopolitan Magazine declared the band up-and-coming, and gave them one of the top three spots in the magazine's Star Launch Competition. The band has also worked out a deal to have its music aired on MTV/VH1. Sounds like a great new addition to Asheville's incredible music scene.