TBA (The Bad Acronym) / Press

“They try and take your soul from you. They beat you down and try and make you compliant. They try and dull you down, remove your edge. And after a while it all starts to weigh on you. You can't help but to become a much less sharper image of your original self. When we listen to the music of TBA, we can change all of that. TBA gives you your edge back. He gives it back and he takes it away and then he gives it back again so that you understand and appreciate the value of such a thing. TBA”

Portia Harper - Her Magazine

“When he pulled out a jar of mayonaise and started dumping spoonfuls of it into his guitar, I was sold. He wouldn't have had to play a single note, I was already a fan. But then he was just rapping the most terrible things, and it just gets into your head. I don't even know how to describe it.”

BEVERLY MCIVER - Tribes Magazine

“I wanted to punch this guy in the face. He continually harassed me on my facebook and by calling the station repeatedly just saying the dumbest shit. But after a while we sort of warmed to the guy, and we just sort of realized, you gotta love your haters. That's what haters do, that's their job. Like this guy was our #1 hater. You just gotta love a guy like that.”

DJ McBlando - 99.5 X Rock Radio

“The live show is key. He shows up with only three strings on his guitar. He likes to throw his guitar at things, which is very entertaining to say the least. He goes about in this fashion for the first 15 minutes of the show, talking to the guitar in an italian accent, even going so far as to put a hole in his guitar with a hammer. Then he sits down and earnestly plays a song about his summer on the Tar River which, I shit you not, moved me to tears. Then he changes gears as quickly as he shifted before, and now he's putting mustard inside of the guitar. He's rapping now. And it is some spit kicking word play. He is clearly in some sort of jedi trance and he is working those three strings with a precision that makes you completely forget it's full of mustard.”

Jeff Blinder - Mixer

“This guy can play the piano and sing at the same time. You should really see the way he throws his guitar. He's got he best guitar throws and spins in the business. I would bank my entire reputation on it.”

Ben - G Vegas Magazine