The Ass Klown Opera / Press

"The most disturbing thing I've had the displeasure of witnessing, imagines one can't unremember"

Ramphart DeSoto - The American Journal of Womb Health and Elasticity.

“My daughter, Allison, had begun to show signs of nearly normal cognitive developmentant for the past three years running. This all abruptly ended last Tuesday when my husband and I couldn’t comprehend such a severe decline in her functional abilities, even those for daily self care. She began smearing her feces all over herself, and her belongings, including ANYTHING that was within her grasp or sight. Yes, shamefully I admit my daughter, prior her suicide, was flinger of poop. Allison, my baby Allison, was a victim of the unrelentingly lyrical subversive mind control as mastered by the characters creating the TAKO. They are a true sound control apparatus capable of destroying lives. These Ass Klowns, as they call themselves, are guilty of nothing short of premeditated murder. Their “music” is a violent assault on the mind and spirit. They need to be stopped and held accountable for this tragedy.”