TerraNova / Press

“Loved the broadcast!!! Great live show!!! "Get out" and "Ballad of TerraNova", were super!!! Loved how you handled the "Political Questioning" as this show wasn't a proper time/place to make a "TRUE" feelings statement...well done TerraNova enjoyed it to the Max!!!”

"Seattle the place that started a post 80's rock revolution are doing it again with TerraNova go follow...go figure." (RockTerraNova)

"You guys are SO awesome and unique!! Your voices are incredible together!! And your band... wow! So very jazzy and unique and intricate rhythms and melodies. I had a blast watching you guys! The highlights were #1 Tori singing the vampire song.. holy shit!! Love the bends and vibrato. #2 The lyrics for the "Get Out" song really hit home. I totally need to get out of my own way more. Thank you for the push and inspiration "

“According to charity:water, "In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year walking for water". Enter TerraNova, power pop and super rock band dedicated to providing clean water to families in Africa. TerraNova tours internationally, blending American and British styles for a unique sound that's rocking the world. Their music benefits charity:water, and they're passionate about changing the world. "We feel that every living thing on earth deserves to have clean drinking water, clothing, shelter and most importantly, love," says the band. "Terra Nova means a new earth, a new life, a new beginning...we are so happy to make a difference in any way we can. Making a difference rocks!" To join TerraNova in providing opportunity and health through clean water, check out their music or connect with them on Facebook. To find out more about charity:water, visit charitywater.org.”

"Oregon music manager and promoter, Mike Sanino writes, "For all those who have not yet heard these guys it will surely change your mind about a musical experience. A wonderful radius of musical imagination."