Teri "Lyric" Green / Press

“Teri “Lyric” Green is a female lyricist who got into music two years ago after her grandma died. Since then, she used her passion for making music as an outlet to release the pain from losing someone who was a big part of her life.”

“My song is also featured on coast 2 coast mixtapes "Death of a Poet"”

“I am now a finalist on Yobi.tv on a show called "Take the stage" and the winner wins a management contract with Johnny Wright who manages Justin Timberlake, Akon, Ciarra, Janet Jackson and more. I am trying to get more exposure and followers can you help me.”

“I am also featured in Spoken Vizions magazine which was awarded the number 1 poetry magazine last year at”

“This is a beautiful song from Chicago's own Lyric. This artist, poet, activist, fights back against domestic violence on her song "Can't Back Down", which vividly describes what happens in abusive relationships everyday. Lyric's song was nominated for the UMA’s (Underground Music Awards) in New York for song of the year. She need votes in order to win this award so I’m asking for your help! Let’s bring positive music back!!! Click the link to vote: Vote Here This song is also available on iTunes for .99 cents with 49cents of the proceeds goes to domestic violence. Purchase Here”

“When we get the scores from the judges, we total the scores and use that information to determine the winners and finalists in the contest. At times the Song of the Year "staff" takes special notice of an entry that stands out to us and that we personally like even though it did not place as a winner or finalist (per the judges' scores). If that same material also ended up being at least in the top 5% of the judges' scores we then give it the "Suggested Artist" placement. Your placement is “Suggested Artist” which is a higher placement than “Semi-Finalist”.”