Tara Sitser / Press

“Great songs , great variety and a perfect accompaniment , beautiful voices ! Recommended!”

“It took no time at all before the band’s particular brand of back porch pickin’ and apparently honest love of music would infect the audience. The audience seemed to hold a true appreciation for Zipperer’s at times heartfelt lyrics and the band’s fun melodies. While they may not be the only act like this in town—hey, it is L.A.—even their harshest critic could not deny they have a chemistry that truly works well for them. Zipperer has a down-home, ego-free sense of humor and a personal connection with his fan base that makes all the difference. When you see Zipperer and company perform it’s hard to tell if John Zipperer & Friends refers solely to the man and his band or Zipperer and everyone else in the room.”

“John Zipperer’s warm, smooth voice indicates he should have started singing many years ago. John Zipperer’s CD is packed with high quality music, from the warm country ballad, Never Really There [Snow White] to the darker country meets folk charm of The Ballad Of Micah McDowde, and let’s not forget, Know Who You Love, a sad ballad masterpiece. Songs like this provide strong evidence that Zipperer is a major talent.”

“…all 13 tracks are awesome, have played it four times now and Love it."”

“This is an album which deserves a good amount of airplay and an investment in ownership.”

“… Zipperer is a major talent.”

“… Worth the price of admission…”

“… Subtle and subversively brilliant as music from those other guys with more money…. there's nothing close to a bad cut on this one.”

“John Zipperer and Friends can truly offer music for the whole family. John, a wonderful singer, songwriter and guitarist, has brought together a group of musicians who besides being great performers and musicians truly enjoy performing together. Along with John is Tara Sitser a wonderful singer and songwriter, Jim VanBooven, bass player and songwriter as well, and then there is the fabulous Ed, the Spoon Man, Terry. You ask who or what is a Spoon man? Well it is time for you to experience Eddie, the Spoon man. Eddie has played the spoons for longer than most of us have been alive and he has more energy and joy in performing than almost anyone I have seen. In fact, John Zipperer even has written a song about the Spoon Man. You need to catch him with this wonderful band.”