The Lamas And Your Moms A Prostitute / Press

“The Lamas will define a generation of music with their strong deeps lyrics filled with meaning. -You're fat and your child has autism”

-You're fat and your child has autism - Message To Us

“You're really ugly and you're a little bitch who won't fight a grade ten kid. You've never had a girlfriend and even all the kids in grade ten hate you.”

Devon Acuna - Artist From SEC J And Devon And The Boys

“What a bunch of dicks you guys are. Grow the fuck up and stop harassing other bands. This is the main reason why people stop supporting the local music scene, and it's disgusting, so what if SmileForTheBulett is a different genre, you respect everyone in the scene. You guys are pathetic.”

Adam Ouellette - Totally Respected Voice On Edmonton Music

"do you guys eat razorblades and try to play music?"

Luc Gaither of Echoes Of An Era - Facebook Wall

"The next Odd Future right here, except white, And good"

Alain Goodweed (Local Director who was very great) - Video30

“A bunch of sick, vile and twisted bastards who have just fucked with music by other artists, this can't happen. Flood them with complaints or somethings, these fuckers deserce it, especailly for what they've done to SmileForTheBullet - I feel sorry for you guys, the absolute wankers! You c[u]nts have just taken to piss out of WORKING bands trying to GET SOMEWHERE!For fucks sake,don't go ripping good bands off you bastards!”

Keith Flello - Keith's Reviews

“You guys made a song for us? Wow, you really are a group of sad individuals. I already did, it almost blows as hard as you. Well, more like me listening to 5 seconds of it, then taking a moment to stabilize my hearing after the initial shock of how awful you are.”

James Bozek Of Team Strobe - Private Message

“Wtf is this shit. You think thats funny? What the fuck did i ever do to you. Fucking ass. Just fuck off with the Helen Keller singing seriously fuck the hell off. We don't need your shirt shit”

Owen Hamilton Of SmileForTheBullet - Message To Producer