The Theadora Kelly Project / Press

“She has the ability to take her sneering and snottiness to a level that is both bitter and sexy at the same time.”

“Great band I miss her even long after our divorce.....Check em out!”

“Fuck Yeah! This shit makes me wanna bitch-slap myself! WRAWK!!! ”

“...a satirical jab at the current climate of music and musicians in general. Love it or hate it, it's funny because it's true.”

“The first band up was called Theadora Kelly Project. The guitarist was really good as was the drummer. The problem I had was the pre-song banter from the vocalist. There was a lot of “Fuck hipsters” talk and songs with titles or lyrics like “Death to Zombies,” “Shut The Fuck Up” and “Fuck That Shit.” It started to feel a bit too put on. Maybe I’m too old to get this zombie hipster stuff.”

“Her sound is sort of a hybrid of 80's punk rock, 90's grunge and occasionally a soulful sadness, which is surprising, coming from an artist whose lyrics tend to err on the antagonistic and explicit side.”

“So, on the walk back to the car Jay and I were comparing notes, who was the best, who had the best guitarist, etc. when we turned the corner on Hill St. we hear this loud over the top yelling/moaning, we look up and some couple are banging out a deal and making sure everybody knows it. We glance up, look at each other, shrug and go back to talking about the bands. Fucking zombie hipsters.”