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“T.J. Ellison gives a healthy dose of intelligent lyrics to supplement the “mass appeal talk” for the urban market. He sticks to what he experiences without trying to ride any sort of style bandwagon. Because of that his lyrics stay interesting and he actually tells you something that is worth you spending the time. That’s really what rap music should be all about. What I like about Ellison and his music is that he brings a positive message into most of his songs. He can hit home with everyone. College kids on their grind, hustlers trying to find a way out or people who just want to bob their heads to the beat. (Shoot for the Stars review)”

“Honest and heartfelt track that inspires you to grow and get better. (review of "Shoot for the Stars")”

“We got some new music from Pittsburgh rapper, T.J. Ellison. This MC has been rapping since 8 years old after dabbling with spoken word. All the licks and rhymes led up to his worldwide debut of his single, “Do You Know You Got It?,” released in 2009 under his own imprint, Holla 5-9. Since than, Ellison has released three albums and has just released his newest single, “Like A Winner,” (featuring and produced by Aro of Kloudnine Music) which has received radio play both nationally and internationally. He sent us over the single to check out and a few other tracks as well. Listen below and leave your thoughts in the comments enjoY!”

“Pittsburgh has long been home to the rap and hip hop scenes. Rapper T.J. Ellison grew up in Pitt, soaked in the scene, and has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into his first three albums. Now Ellison is out with a hot new club single titled “Like A Winner” that is some of his best work to date, and I had the pleasure of checking it out and helping get the word out! Just officially released on 1.19.14, “Like A Winner” is a straight up message about loving and appreciating what you have and that on-top-of-the-world feeling when all your hard work starts paying off. The verses are traditional rap and tell Ellison’s story while the chorus really drives the song and is hook laden and melodic. Musically, it’s mostly an electronic piece with sweet house bass beats overlaid with some nice drums and keys to help fill in. It has a nice groove all the way through and is easily a cool club hit or possibly a sweet anthem to a soundtrack!”

“TJ Ellison Feat. Aro song "Like A Winner" is a uplifting emotional track that lifts the spirit of those who doubt themselves. And with lyric's like "I Stay Hungry, So Where's My Dinner" we are sure to be hearing a lot more from TJ Ellison and Aro -Go Hard Magazine”

“ "There will be MCs moving on and off the stage rapidly tonight at the Rex Theater, where the headliners are Scripture & Flexx, Big-T and Blo Bugotti." ”

"About The Artist Meet- Big-T"