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“Bryant C. Singer, song writer, and left handed guitar player from The Bryant C. Project. This all started from my vision and I began to create the soundtrack. That’s the album that’s been in the making for over a year. Compared to the sounds of Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix by some. Bryant C. also has a style of his own that you can only grasp from a listen. With sounds of funky rock on a bluesy …foundation at times and a touch of r&b at others this is something worth a listen because it may hold a certain spot with you. It’s starting to feel like soul rock to me because I feel so connected with it. “A tone so clean” I’ve been told from fans playing everywhere from the east to west coast. I’m currently in the final stages of releasing my debut album “The Bryant C. Project” November 6th, 2012. I won’t stop doing this because I know it’s reaching people and music’s what I love and I plan to keep pulling it out and delivering it.”

“01 - Artist Name = THE BRYANT C PROJECT 02- Location Winchester KY 03 - How did the project come into existence? = I became tired of looking for members to make up a band that did not have the same vision that I had. Being a guitar player, singer, and song writer I began writing the music and writing the lyrics that would be sung for THE BRYANT C PROJECT you can also see all of my links and hear my music on my site www.thebryantcproject.com 04 - Who are the members of the band if any and please tell us about it? = This is a solo project so I am the only member. I play guitar, sing, and song write all of the music. Bryant C. is what I go by. I enjoy making music for people to hear . 05 - How would you describe your sound/genre? = My music to me is a mix of the sounds that I have grown up with. I have a spread out sound but all of the music is on the same stage. Some of my songs have a rock groove type of vibe.”

“The excellent Progressive Rock CD, “The Bryant C Project,” by talented artist Bryant C, will charm you with its well crafted Rock songs. You will like how the musical styles change up on this album as Bryant mixes the genres of old school; Jimi Hendrix like Rock, with today’s Pop sound. The opener, “Do You Feel Me?” has a smooth vibe as the soulful vocals swirl around the edgy instrumentation. “Face of A Thousand Words,” is a beautiful ballad that touches your heart and soul as the emotive vocals sing with thought provoking appeal. There is a bouncy groove to the song, “Let Me Come To Ya,” as it has a catchy beat and moving lyrics. If you enjoy fresh and original Progressive Rock music and are a fan of Lenny Kravitz or Bruno Mars, then you will really like the terrific songs on the CD, “The Bryant C Project.””

“My latest feature in WWS MAGAZINE.”