Swift Technique / Press

“Swift Technique‘s vocalist, Chelsea ViaCava, mesmerized the audience with her soulful voice [...] Never before have I seen such a unique and unprecedented performance.”

“...this octet naturally brings a high energy, layered sound to their music, containing a heavy funk horn section bursting forth from trumpet, trombone, and saxophone like fourth of July fireworks. With these elements is a perfect mixture of smooth melodic bass lines and a crunchy clean rhythm guitar that manages to harness these wild ostentatious grooves.”

“My Favorite Concerts of the Year I first saw Swift Technique in my friend’s backyard. They played for almost 2 hours straight (if you don’t count blowing out the PA in between). I was immediately hooked. I have never seen such an explosive and funky set, and I couldn’t believe these guys were only playing a backyard. A couple of weeks later I saw Swift Tech destroy the Midtown Village Fall Festival. It wasn’t long before they were one of my favorite live bands and I’d be telling everyone I know about them. ”

“Led by the showstopping bass grooves of Jake Leschinsky and the highly-improvisational lyrical firestorm of Sean McCann, Philly’s own Swift Technique is set on one goal: bringin’ the funk. And damn, they bring it hard. The seven-piece band, which includes a three-man horn section, showcases their first-class musicianship, chemistry and never-ending supply of energy at every opportunity. The guys are currently finishing up work on several new tracks, which they hope to make available for release in early 2010. Until then, they’ll continue performing up and down the east coast, rolling with more rhyme and reason than anyone else in town. - Kevin Brosky”

Kevin Brosky - Philly Weekly

"Best Live Shows of 2008: My biggest holy sh*t live moment of the year when I just happened to be at World Cafe Live where Swift Technique was playing a showcase set. Absolutely amazing, They blew me away with what’s best described as a horn infused blend of funk and hip hop."

"Few bands embody the soul and showmanship needed to be a true funk band Swift Technique is one of those few. They play straight up funk, and are damn good at it. I caught up with them at the Tin Angel and watched as they delivered one of the best performances I've seen in a while."

"Up until about a month ago I had never heard of Swift Technique, but after having seen them, how they remain one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets I don’t know."

"You’ll wish you had some speed while watching Swift Technique so you could only catch up with their high-speed bass solos and unmatchable drum fills. This six-piece new release boasts originals with hip-hop and jazz influences made unique by a foreboding horn section."