SurfaceAfterDark / Press

“great new music!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard

“fuck that kicks in hard! well savage guys!”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment

“Good grooves in the River”


“Yes!! Brings me back to listening to my Cephalic Carnage dayz!”


“Listen To those Breakdowns Thanks To The All New Rg series”

Ibanez Guitar's

“All American Craftsmanship in this guitar can really be heard in this record”

PRS Guitars

“Thunderous Ludwig double kicks !!”

Ludwig Drums Spokesman

“These guy's are awesome if your looking for brutal hardcore breakdowns ,here you go! , Surface After Dark is on my iPod”

Sam Dunn - Mtv's Metal Evolution's Sam Dunn

“Joe Benn give's blood , sweat and tears on the vocal tracks !!”

Revolver Magazine

“The New era of hardcore!”

Guitar Magazine

“Smoke in my lungs whisky in the passenger seat”

joe benn