SufferDie / Press

“'' The opening act will be Albany's Sufferdie, and really, the name says it all. Led by emotive singer Jessie Lynn, they rock hard with tunes like "Acid Waste Land" and "Back Again." ''”

The Times Union

“Like always SUFFERDIE rocked the fuckin house your loss if you didn't come out. Josh,Jess,Mike and RYE you guys are awesome”

sarah fan - facebook

“Looking for something to do thursday night come out to chameleons in pittsfield and party with sufferdie as they rock the fuckin bar. If you haven't seen them yet you don't know what your missing so bring your ass out thursday night”

sarah fan - facebook

“SUFFERDIE After weathering a few line-up changes, this band relocated to the Berkshires and are ready to take it by storm! Their influences are all over the place, but the result is massive amounts of energy and solid performances throughout the entire band. Don't miss them as they play throughout the region on a regular basis! ”