“Wally and Meister arrived a bit late for the show missing a song or two of the first band. We met Kate and her friend inside up front near the stage and were immediately impressed with what we were hearing from Suckershot. Kate readily agreed with our sentiments and mentioned the purchase of merchandise after their set as she showed me (Meister) her phone's memo pad with her show notes. Kate had also noted that they had a really good and clean sound and were a bunch of clean cut guys. Wally seemed to be ready to cut loose and enjoy some beverages this evening as he made two trips to the bar in rapid succession and before Suckershot's set was over he had already disappeared on the third acquisition. Under the guise of the beverage run he returned with two Suckershot CD's, just like he was reading Kate and Meister's minds, of course his hands were also filled with the next round of drinks as well.”

“Suckershot Goes Back To School : Suckershot goes back to school in an exclusive Live On Air interview/acoustic performance for their friends at the university on 91.3FM/ 91X www.91X.FM ”

Independent Freelance - Suckershot Goes Back To School

“Band’s demo album a hit with local fans : Oshawa – August, 2005 – From the powerful opening riffs of Walk In My Shoes, the first song on Suckershot’s new CD, Demolition, there’s no mistaking this is a hard-core rock and roll band. Demolition contains a collection of influences ranging from Ozzy ,Black Sabbath to Godsmack. All of these influences line up to deliver the distinctive Suckershot sound. Suckershot consists of three Oshawa musicians – singer/guitarist Jay Abbott, drummer Chad Wildman and bassist Dan Bromell. So far, the band has sold 349 copies of Demolition – 106 of those at their CD release party on June 17 2005 – and they’ve developed a large and loyal fan base in Durham Region. It’s no surprise that Suckershot is making an impression on rock music fans in Durham and abroad. The powerful compositions on Demolition can grab you, suck you in and move you, especially during the some of the album’s more pensive moments. ”

Independent Freelance - Suckershot Delivers a Knockout with Demolition

“Barrie's Local and Loud Just Got Louder : Local and Loud in Barrie just got louder with a dose of 'fist in the face' rock by automotive town rockers, Suckershot. Suckershots' latest release of the song 'Gone Away' from the E.P album 'Gone Away to California to be Alone' was featured on 95.7FM The Rock in Barrie. 'These guys know how to put the Rock in Rock and Roll'. - Independent Freelance ”

Independent Freelance - Barrie s Local and Loud Just Got Louder

“Suckershot's breakout song from the album 'Demolition', according to fans, is ‘(Leave Me) Alone’ which was featured on Matt Diamonds' New Rock at Nine on 94.9FM The Rock. Soon after the Release of Demolition, Suckershot was invited to a Live On Air Interview/Acoustic Performance on Matt Diamonds' New Rock at Nine on 94.9FM The Rock. - Independent Freelance ”

Independent Freelance - Suckershot Power Slams the Airwaves