Tray-D / Press

“Definitely watch for Tray D on the rise within the independent side of music.Currently Tray D has an EP out titled “All Ages Show” giving you music basically for all groups of ages and people.Especially with his single “See You Dance” Definitely check o”

“We’re checking out “GWBM” by Straptown ft. Nick B. and I have to say I like what I hear. Always good to see stoner artists coming up in the game. If you’re into Hip-Hop like I am, then you’ll enjoy this song. Just be sure you have a joint ready as this song truly deserves a good smoking-to. Also, shout-out to TrayD who happens to be a Hail Mary Jane reader! Read more at http://www.hailmaryjane.com/music-video-straptown-trayd-ft-nick-b-gwbm/#A2X66dG7iu3yltpE.99 ”

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“Tray-D (@StraptownTrayD) featured on #ReverbSecretSanta #14 "Go Nuts" ft Ace Montana & KMC”

“Tray-D (@StraptownTrayD) "CottonMouth" Music Video Featured Music Video on www.Stoner-Tube.Com”

“I've known this cat since I was a youngster. Tray-D, a current ATL resident, is a representative for north Clarksville, Tennessee. His stage presence is one of a charismatic nature, and his lyrics are not something to be looked down on. And neither is he, for his 6'5" build makes him the elephant in the room, hard to not notice. His music is more for the young adults living their life the way they want, getting it in any way possible, and chillin' out in clouded out rooms.”