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“Artist: StoneBaby Album: Illuminated Reviewer: Annie Reuter http://yousingiwrite.blogspot.com/ Following their 2008 release Just Another Day, StoneBaby decided to switch things up with their latest EP Illuminated. Their new set of seven songs resulted in stripping away the layers to showcase a new side to the band. "We consciously tried to simplify things, to get to the heart of the songs, to be as straightforward as possible," singer Scott Philipp said. "We didn't want to overdo it – we kept it true to what we do live. This is StoneBaby, plain and simple." A fitting start to the EP, “Not Right Now” kicks things off with plenty of energy and catchy guitar licks. The combination of Scott Philipp on guitar and vocals alongside Tony Schiavo on drums blends well throughout the nearly three-minute track and it comes as no surprise that the two friends have been making music together for 25 years. “Everybody wants to be a star/ Doesn’t really matter who you are,” Philipp sings. P”

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