SOUPE / Press

“Check out Soupe opening up Cox Radio Shows third Season @ http://alienfingerz.ning.com/page/cox-music-show”

Cox Radio Show

“Soupe will be airing on Cox Radio Network for July 2012.”

Cox Music Radio Network

“Soupe will be featured on the front of WWS MAGAZINE, on INDIE Focus in an interview in one week. Look for Soupe on WWS, an inside look into the band and its rising status in the Indie Rock World.”

“Soupe will be airing there latest track on Skycast Indies Radio Show May 27th from Portland, OR.”

SkyCast Indies Radio - Skycast Indies Radio Show

“Soupe was picked to be aired on Cox Music Show on: CMS 42 Season III Special September 13, 2012 at 8PM EST USA ”

“Soupe's track was added in rotation to Radio Countdown on Reverbation.”

Indie Radio Countdown Reverbnation

“Soupe's track "Your Love Is Gonna Be Right Here" was added in rotation to Butterflies Radio.”

Butterflies radio