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“Today Soul King releases his new video Prince of Zamunda produced by DirtyDiggs. The official video is a small glimpse of what is to come in his full length album release, "Soul King The Diaspora”, expected to be out by January of 2017. The album chronicles his upbringing and showcases Soul King's worldly influences. Soul King is prominently known in the underground Hip Hop scene as a member of the Barbershop MCs and now breaking new ground as a solo artist. In 2000, E-Swift, member of the Alkaholiks, released their critically acclaimed vinyl EP, "The Barber Shop". Since then, Soul King as collaborated with Chase Infinite, DJ Khalil, Krondon, Planet Asia, and many others. The video is available on YouTube today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZIfzLxIfH8. The audio track can also be heard on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/soul-king-s-k/prince-of-zamunda. You can follow Soul King on Twitter: @SoulKing_SK and Instagram: @thesoulkingsk”

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“Many hip-hop writers these days will speak about whether or not a rapper is "relevant", which as far as I can tell is their way of referencing an artist's ability to adapt to what's "hot" at that current moment. Watching your favourite artists flush their integrity down the toilet in an attempt to stay relevant is a painful experience. In 2015, the music of the past is much more relevant than what is pumped into our brains on a daily basis. Hip-hop of the past was struggle music, something which should be very relatable to most in our current predicament. Soul King is an artist who never gave a fuck about what the masses deemed relevant. He comes from the "Supreme Era" and represents it to the fullest. This is evident from his work with the Barbershop MC's, to his collaborations with Born Allah and the Tabernacle MCz, to his solo work, which is the topic of today's post. His latest offering, an EP entitled Black Lion, is a celebration of the Supreme Era, a time when soulful”

“The Likwit Crew surrounding King T, Xzibit and Alkaholiks crew is not the most productive in the world, but if they release something, it's always really cool. One of the lesser known members of the crew is SK, called Soul King. The rapper is a member of Barbershop Mc's, a collective that has been a long time member of The Likwit Crew and gained notoriety with the track Music, Money & Women, a feel-good track in the style that you know of The Likwit Crew. Soul King recently announced his sixth solo album The Diaspora 3:16. This album should appear next year, with contributions from Agallah, Planet Asia & Tristate and there are two singles released. This track has a great beat with a vocal hooggepitchte the beat and I'm just sensitive. And that's why you'll now hear that track here. This is Soul King with Blesson.”

“As a long-time member of the Likwit Crew, Soul King (SK) has worked extensively with King T, Tha Alkaholiks and Strong Arm Steady, among others. His new album, “Street Ministry,” is available for free download at soulkingsk.bandcamp.com and features SK trading lines with such likeminded lyricists as Chace Infinite and Phil The Agony on “Deliverance” and Chocolate Ty and Phil The Agony on “Barberz of the Ville.” ”

““Street Ministry” contains the type of boom bap, lyric-driven rap typical of classic Likwit Crew material. SK also infuses the collection with thought-provoking religious commentary, resulting in a quality underground collection. ”

“Supreme Era Volume 2 with special guest Chace Infinte, Planet Asia, Mykill Myers, Born Allah, Phil the Agony, and more”

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