SoSoon / Press

“SoSoon is that guy. He’s polished, brilliant, and fun! Learn the name, study the music, and let ‘em know you heard it from The Source first.”

"SoSoon harkens us back to the era of Gil Scott Heron and Curtis Mayfield where quality music was also socially relevant."

"SoSoon's struttin' with a full-package: Content versatility, a flow that moves quicker than melting butter in a sizzling skillet."

“SoSoon is one of the most promising emerging MC's I have had the pleasure of endorsing. He is only waiting to be discovered. As the manager of DaMatrixStudios.com and host of its flagship morning show, I have had the pleasure of having him as a guest and covering several of his live events. I must say that artists like SoSoon are the reason I'm in this industry. His debut album, "The Bandwagon; Directors Cut" is a staple in my morning commute and a shining example of not only the roots of hip hop, but also its future. ”

"The constant beat under SoSoon’s album is that he’s a wordsmith. Overall, The Bandwagon has something for everyone: the average worker trying not to lose it on their 9-5, hard body lyrics for the rap enthusiast, sweet talk for the ladies and after 13 tracks, you’ll be wondering if that’s it…the album is over."