Sleazy Lizards / Press

“Attention to every single detail!”

“First month of winter... enters in flames!”

“Rock N' Roll raisin' the capital's temp!”

“Unparalleled passion for music, incredible energy on stage!”

“These guys won you over with their songs but mainly with the unparalleled energy that they projected on stage!”

“There to witness & report what happened that night! Sleazy Lizards opening for Kip Winger!”

“Sleazy Lizards opening Athens Beer Festival" by You Only Live Once!”

“Rock Greece spreadin' the news! Sleazy Lizards in Athens Beer Festival & "G for Grease" 2nd season premiere at Theatro Vrachon!”

“Hard Music writes about Sleazy Lizards! Athens Beer Festival opening, recent activities, news!”

“Sleazy Lizards at GameAthlon was a blast! Tech, games, cosplay, tournaments & Rock N' Roll!”

“Sleazy Lizards' Ad "The President" interviewed by Parapolitika FM 90.1”

“‪‎iPop‬ writes about Sleazy Lizards + Blue Wanders in "Prêt-à-porter Spring"!”

“Yolo.gr (You Only ‪Live‬ Once) suggests "Sleazy Lizards + Blue Wanders" in "Prêt-à-porter Spring" for the last ‪‎week‬ of ‪‎March‬!”

“‪DriverFm‬ writes about Sleazy Lizards + Blue Wanders in "Prêt-à-porter Spring" event!”

“Diathlasi theatrical team, Sleazy Lizards' Ad & Marina of the sL-Crew interviewed for "G for Grease" musical by Pame Mazi TV Show in Attica Tv!”

“6+ months... Sleazy Lizards' Ad & Marina of the sL-Crew are working with the theatrical team of "Diathlasis" for the classic musical "Grease" (in Greek!!).”

"Far from the Vein... Close to the Bone" Acoustic guns blazing! DriverFM & Aeriko present Sleazy Lizards.

“Sleazy Lizards at DriverFm's "Crazy Radio Marathon"! Good Times!”

“Sleazy Lizards - "Countdown to Summer" event ! Interview, Live Performance, Radio Broadcast, Youtube Live-Stream. Be a part of the event...& Be Part of History In the Makin'!”

“Missed the Event? sL Live Stream! Hey World!”

“Sleazy Lizards celebrating with friends! Health, Happiness, Love & Dreams towards your way! ...Under the Radar Acoustics”

“sL-Blog... Re-launched So... sit back, relax & enjoy!”

“Words of Wisdom, Lies & Madness... Mixed In together, in a Broken Burnin' Bottle...”

“Panama "Rock Heroes" Radio supporting Sleazy Lizards!”

“Sleazy Lizards interviewed by Introduce Your Band!”

“The sL-Engine is screamin' supercharged! Sleazy Lizards in the Top 20 of MTV Brand New UK 2014!”

“Far too long & sad to say... Breakin' up another "#Yesterday"...”

"Too much Time and Drugs, they say... There's nothing I can do. So I choose to spend my time in Hell with You..."

“Sleazy Lizards' Channel launching "Gems, In our Heads"...”

“Sleazards capturing "Rock Ballet" live performance... "Left & round & right. Make a dizzy move & dance away the night"...”

“Amidst the storm, memories were comin' back. Sitting here "in" the sand, while the coast is burning. We're together now, like we were before. I told you once... "That makes me happy". I'm happy now. Deep inside I'm happy... while I touch the sand & hear the laughs. "August Summer Night"...”

“A taste of the future, a glimpse in the past. A promise never meant to be. A life that could... but still could not... "August Summer Night (8 Years later)"...”

“..."Sexy Radio (Paris) featuring Sleazy Lizards' Visual Art. "Soundtrack" & "RNR Kamikaze (White Live)"...”

“The acoustic six/twelve-string guns went out for a ride...”

"Still… they were lookin' alive. But anyone could feel or tell. Great cement Walls… there to crush lives. Long asphalt roads… leadin' to an already designed destination. Wake up, walk, work. Walk, eat, hit the button & lose your self in fake broadcast realities. Sleep & pray for dreams sweet. 'Cause Nightmares you had enough… Sun & Rain today. Can you connect? The whole World a conflict. What you have inside? All you got is what you see. Projected levels of existence… to fit them all. & the Rain kept comin'…" "Rainy morning in a Grey City"

“This next band... very talented... got this song named "Trip". They are "Sleazy Lizards" & there's no doubt... this song is a Trip...”

"Hey... honey... Would you like to "Trip" with me…"

“The Top of the Greek Myspace Charts still in the same hands. No.1 for the week... Sleazy Lizards with "RNR Kamikaze" once again.”

“Location... Somewhere on the road... Sleazy Lizards ridin' with The Pusher. Ride on & Roll !”

“... "La Huche" (France) presents Sleazy Lizards' Visual & Acoustic dreams. ..."Soundtrack" (official clip)...”

“The Sleazards gettin' active! "Sleazy Hell"(clip)... by a Sleazard for the Sleazards & the Sleazy Lizards.”

“...Sleazy Lizards celebrating "RNR Kamikaze" more-than-1-year domination on Top of Myspace Greek Charts. "RNR Kamikaze (White Live)" (clip) is out...”

“ROCK iKON's Mark Crampton featurin' Sleazy Lizards' "Soundtrack"...”

“A new name at No.1 of the Greek Charts on Myspace. It's about "Sleazy Lizards", who climbed to the Top with "RNR Kamikaze". A visit on their page will reward you. They are doin' a very good job.”

“..."RNR Kamikaze", 2:56 minutes long. I was stunned. Fucking brilliant song, I thought. Dirty, intoxicating, pure r'n'r. Like the ones only Motorhead deliver...”

“... "Heavy Metal Alliance" supporting Sleazy Lizards... "Soundtrack" does the job...”

“Just read between the Lines ...and dream of something better. Delve in... "Soundtrack". Sleazy Lizards joinin' forces with ConWerter.”